Lorenz Koin, Sandëro, Carl Lazy Taste It

Lorenz Koin, Sandëro & Carl Lazy - Taste It

Can you Taste It? Lorenz Koin, Sandëro and Carl Lazy go deep with latest hit

Nodding to the timeless impact of early ‘10s deep house music, ‘Taste It’ reminds us of the sheer joy the genre can bring. Led by those classic plucks you can never get tired of, Lorenz Koin teams up with Sandëro and Carl Lazy to deliver the cut of the season. If there’s anything these 3 Italians know how to do, it’s to cook up a tasteful groove capable of dominating both the radio and dancefloor!

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About the artist: Lorenz Koin

Lorenz Koin, was born in 1987 in Vigevano (PV), Italy. Since he was a child he showed a big interest in music scene, thanks, above all, to the passion transmitted by his parents. At 19 years old he started his career as a Dj in local clubs near Pavia-Piacenza (Italy) and other private parties in Northern Italy.At the beginning of 2017 he started his new fresh project "Lorenz Koin" through which he’s collecting positive feedbacks, supports and important radio plays. His DJ sets range from the commercial dance to the hardest EDM (bigroom, slap, future rave, psytrance, melbourne etc ..)

● https://open.spotify.com/artist/7yzXj2QmcZKis5V7qetC7A
● https://www.instagram.com/lorenzkoin/
● https://twitter.com/LorenzKoin

About the artist: Sandëro

Sandro Bacci, also known as Sandëro, is a music producer from Italy, class of '98. Thanks to his family passion, he started to approach the music world from a very young age. After getting some guitar lessons, he was immediately impressed by the sound of the electronic dance music. It was love at the first sight and the musical journey began.
Sandëro is constantly working on new projects so make sure to follow him on his social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc...) for frequent updates on his music.

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● https://open.spotify.com/artist/2puv5ixqpJlgnHDqgQ4N8C
● https://www.facebook.com/sanderomusix
● https://www.instagram.com/sandro.bacci/
● https://twitter.com/sanderomuzik

About the artist: Carl Lazy

Elia Carlesi, also known as Carl Lazy is a music producer based in Prato, Italy.
Born in 1996, he started experimenting with music when he was really young, he started playing guitar, then, at the age of ten, he discovered electronic music production. From that day on, he never stopped making music and he is ready to surprise the world with his future releases

● https://open.spotify.com/artist/6gyMxOyNvsTT7WbuFNbUKi
● https://www.instagram.com/eliacarlesi/
● https://www.facebook.com/carlislazy

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